Download AiO Labs

(Version 2.1)


AiO Labs is one of the legal environments for Web Hacking. It is free for everyone and it contains many web applications ready to study. You can use it on VirtualBox (or) VMWare as live mode. But, we’re trying to get install-able ISO image file for the next version.

AiO Labs contains Target Apps and Attacking Tools.

Targets are : SQLi Labs (with ByPassing WAF) , XSS Labs, DVWA , bWAPP, XVWA and OWASP Juice Shop. (For Web Developing — WordPress)

Attacking Tools are: Burp Suit, nmap and Metasploit Framework and over 100 tools for hacking.


Ubuntu Based Version can be used Live Mode && Install Mode. But, Kali Based Version is for VirtualBox (or) VMWare Only.

Download AiO Labs V2.1 Ubuntu ISO (3.9GB)
Download AiO Labs V2.1 Kali OVA (6.8GB)

AiO Labs Instaler for Kali Linux 64bit (218MB)

AiO Labs Installer for Ubuntu 64bit (218.12MB)